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  • 4 CMSs: Comparing Craft CMS, Ghost, Netlify CMS, and WordPress

    4 CMSs: Comparing Craft CMS, Ghost, Netlify CMS, and WordPress

    This project is testing a variety of Content Management Systems built on active sites with genuine, timely, content. In this way, we are testing each CMS in real world use, more extensively than would happen with just demo or “filler” content. Beginning with version WordPress 2.3, nearly 10 years ago, we started building by building […]

  • NGinx Locations for Multiple Dynamic Sites

    NGinx Locations for Multiple Dynamic Sites

    Skip to the Important Code Nginx is not only a fast server for single production sites but also a robust development server, with the right settings. With a default Nginx install, the /etc/nginx/sites-available/default serves overall index files for folders but doesn’t resolve queries to dynamic files. To fix this, create locations for each dynamic site. […]

  • Upgrading to React 2 is easier than shoehorning ES6 fixes into React 1

    Title is pretty self explanatory. After a long battle, many many yarns later, it turned out that trying to get CK Editor to work in an older version of React Scripts, as an example, was far too much work. What’s more, there aren’t too many barriers in moving from React Scripts 1 to version 2. […]

  • Running a Heroku based Website

    Heroku is a platform that enables developers to “build, run, and operate applications.” The way Heroku hosting is managed is both more complex yet with fewer standard features than more consumer focused cPanels, control panels, commonly found for shared website hosting. The platform has a modular setup allowing for plug in of databases, caching, load […]