Switching to React 2 is easier than shoehorning ES6 fixes into React 1

Title is pretty self explanatory. After a long battle, many many yarns later, it turned out that trying to get CK Editor to work in an older version of React Scripts, as an example, was far too much work. What’s more, there aren’t too many barriers in moving from React Scripts 1 to version 2. …

“Easy” content editing made difficult, then easier again. WYSIWYGs, Block Editors, and continual, unsustainable, HTML editing.

For many coders, content editing in CMSs is a secret torture. Sometimes HTML tags work in widgets, sometimes not, other times What You See Is What You Get editors show more options than actually work. All this leads to coders avoiding WYSIWYGs, and “easier” content editing, instead opting for pasting in our own custom HTML.