For over 10 years we’ve launched and maintained sites of every size

In one sentence, we start from key goals, to content layout in a pre-CMS, to wireframes and design sheets, initial staging setup, block building, theme construction, quality assurance, and finally launch. We handle every stage of site planning and development. For many projects we manage partners for key areas or are brought in specifically for our technical elegance but we do build complete builds as well.

Native Full Site Editing

With the improvements to WordPress’ Block editor and Full Site Editing, there is now clean, full featured, well supported, and highly customizable editing for WordPress. WordPress Block editing not only gives clients freedom to reuse premade design layouts but also gives designers and developers the ability to prearrange expandable design options. Now designs can be powerful while staying consistent with an original design vision. Previous 3rd party options had compromises on loading speed, reliance on subscriptions, and gulfs between editing and final layout.

Take a look at this project to see how editing and viewing a site are the same experience all with a native WordPress site.

We are exploring Block styling editing for other Content Management Systems with our 4 CMSs project.

Detailed Responsive Layouts

Responsive layouts have been the standard for over 10 years now. No longer do we note “mobile site” in our quotes, every site layout is built to expand as needed to work on screens of every size. While phones encompass as much as 50-75% of site traffic we focus on what elements are needed at each screen size. As screens shrink, sidebars fall away and content takes more placement of course, but similar techniques can be used on larger screens as well to give content creators a bigger canvas for images, videos, and graphics.

Take a look at this project for a look at a comprehensive WordPress design.

Comprehensive Custom Functionality

Simple text sites are the exception now. Almost every site we build has unique functionality such as Google Maps with hundred of locations, Shopping Carts with bookmark carts, eCommerce sites with 100s of product variations or some other new way helping site viewers navigate the extensive content our clients have on-hand.

Take a look at this project for a look at site with 100s of profiles mapped in multiple different maps with extensive custom content.