Good Carbs Brunch.

  • Overall there are definitely enough clips to cut into quick snippets, :30 or :15 seconds. 
  • A longer :45 maybe 1:00 explanation video could be built as well but the audio isn’t particularly good. A short segment might work but isn’t advisable. 
  • The most optimal arrangement would be a longer explanation video with short 1-2 short segments featuring Carly Zimmerman or Sara Goldrick-Rab in a camera facing interview format. The longer video would be paired with 2 quick videos. The 3 videos can be used on social media and shared with media outlets as appropriate.

00:36:23 Introduction, might need to speed up till there but shows the setting then menu.

01:05:03 Challah bread, starting of the salads. More menu, place setting.

01:32:00 More bread pudding look. Salads.

01:58:15 FedNuts shirt, talking.

02:10:15 Even better place setting.

02:33:15 Better pudding, start, shot.

02:52:00 Welcoming.

03:50:10 Donuts shot.

04:14:00 Carly talking.

04:43:00 John talking.

05:05:00 Matt talking, earlier a good hand gesture.

05:33:15 Mixing from top down, cooking so forth.

05:52:02 Apples going in. Focus isn’t great.

06:10:12 Mixing, better cooking shots.

06:51:10 More good cooking from top down.

07:23:10 Further top down good pudding shot.

08:26:18 Eh, cooking shot. Gets better, semi good angle.

09:08:05 Matt talking more.

09:32:18 Mixing the dough, previous shot better but both are fairly good examples.

10:06:09 Pudding going in the pan.

10:49:02 Salads start coming together. Better at 11:00:00

11:25:09 Waffle donuts.

11:44:00 Poaching eggs.

12:49:09 FedNuts cup. Salads.

13:28:00 Salad detail.

14:41:02 FedNuts shirt and stirring.

15:04:21 John talking. End of clip is good. Wider shot after.

17:20:00 Waffle pieces getting moved, eh shot.

17:30:15 Waffle pieces placing detail, good shot. 18:07:15 Probably best segment.

18:36:12 Wide shot of activity, Carly speaking. Mimosa interruption…

19:05:07 Wide shot of plating. Zooms into detail.

21:07:10 Fried chicken overhead, fairly solid. Prior shots are pretty meh.

21:31:07 Interesting overhead and wide mix, would work for an insert.

21:57:01 Carly detailing CfH start. Good shot.

23:51:00 Pudding coming out.

24:32:13 Carly offering more details.

28:50:00 Pudding going out, not bad, not great shots.

29:28:00 Sara Goldrick-Rab Going into details on the gathering. Good enough shots.

31:01:06 Better shot of Sara, audio still isn’t very good.

33:39:00 Shirts going out, good moment, should be a good shot in there but might be short.