Challah for Hunger

3 topics, all loosely around marketing.

Good carbs promotion.

Below is a link to all the video from the first brunch and a few thoughts on how we can edit them for marketing. Along with the video, we should create a landing page to channel the traffic to, have payment options, and be iterated on through testing to produce the best results.

Video notes.

Mentoring, discovering and writing.

As you probably saw, Leah and I started talking about a month ago. So far we have been:

  • Getting the overall conversation started by looking at other organizations of various sizes and their marketing. 
  • Reviewing nonprofit marketing basics and what we know and have worked on before personally.
  • Looking over what Challah for Hunger is working on, involved with, talking about already.

2 main points have come from our discussions so far:

  • We should reach out to at least a few people who have analyzed our social media before, done some marketing for us before, and, of course, talk to you and the staff about current efforts and priorities soon.
  • Leah has a lot of energy and clearly enjoys diving into writing. I think we should get her on a topic, get important education distilled for her to review, then set her loose writing from a somewhat "beginners" perspective. For example, she is new to the Campus Hunger Project, show her what is happening so far and get her perspective on it as an introduction for other students. Growth Driven Design.

While the website has more and more content with steady traffic, the design hasn't changed too much, and there are ways to optimize user interactions.

The primary goals are:

  • Not taking on too much. (Rather than a whole redesign, piece by piece would be both cost effective, and more likely to yield results.)
  • Adjusting based on current and ongoing data. 
  • Driving more users from information to donation. (As well as vice-versa, supporting donation with strong information.)
  • Expanding how we can reach out and bring more traffic to the site.
  • Introducing styling updates by aesthetics and following their results in data.

Most of all we can wrap these ideas together by making well defined, not too extensive updates over time. Below is a first analysis and then several sketches. 

Starting with analytics, we've looked at overall page traffic with some important takeaways.

Look at the top pages mid-January to mid-February concentrating on higher time on site.

Page and current state. Ideas for next steps.
1. Homepage preforms well, fairly high traffic but bounce under control. Updates here would be the start of a site refresh based both on new designs and testing some new engagement data.
2. Campus Hunger Project is an important landing page that has a good start to traffic overall but could have higher time on the site and a goal for visitors to the page. Start by adding a funnel in the analytics either tracking visitors until they contact us or go to a payment option. Then make adjustments and listen to the data.
3. Find a Chapter is another page with good traffic and time on the site but does have a higher bounce rate.
There's a potential for more content on the site by connecting the chapter information to overall Challah activity. (This will need discussion though to avoid overriding the chapters.)
4. Support Challah for Hunger has some traffic, good time on site, and reasonable bounce rate.  Add an ecommerce analytics funnel and goal then test adding more or less information or specific campaigns.
5. Recipes doesn't have a ton of traffic but the time on site is good and it is a potential soft marketing opportunity. Although the focus through our channels should be on our and our networks efforts, there is potential to bring in visitors who may not otherwise come to the page. 

First Sketches.

Start with reorganizing the homepage for better optimization, going right to donate, an about upfront on the page, and more contextual information; posts from a network of chapters.
Upper featured area broken into a single image with call to action and focused About.
About answers immediate questions of who and what leading to the Mission and History (with options to go to the more complete About.)
On the Mission and History, include more calls to action within the content of the outer text. If the text relates to CHP then go there, Chapters maybe a donation around helping chapters, so forth.