My Philly Condo – August Results and September Adjustments

1. First with the newsletter, the numbers are around the same, which means the list hasn’t “decayed” too much. Most newsletters decay at about 1% a month. (Image 1 and Image 2)


(Image 2)

2. We need to get more folks onto the newsletter so we are going to be adding sign ups, one example in the action item below. (Action item 1)

3. Next, on the site, the traffic is holding up overall. The last 30 days are higher than this time last year as an example. (Image 3)

(Image 3)

4. One takeaway is that Waterfront Square continues to drive a lot of traffic so we are going to capitalize on that.

5. Considering there are a lot of open units for WSC we’ve worked up an outline of a newsletter just for that building. (Image 4) (Action item 2)

(Image 4)

6. A few more takeaways, from the site:
7. One of the differences are all the automated posts Russell was running. One in particular garnered a fair amount of traffic. (Image 5 and Image 6)

(Image 5)
(Image 6)

8. The problem is, of course, this is called “content scraping” and could be highly punished by the original content owner, Curbed, and Google ranking.

9. Our plan is to create “curated” posts which are basically the same thing, but without directly taking the content from their site. As we post these and the original posts, we’ll start to remove the scraped posts.

Action items in order of priority:

  1. Add newsletter signups around site.
  2. Do an extra newsletter post.
  3. Write posts around both the provided material and some “curated” posts.
  4. Start next newsletter.
  5. Walk through IDX and plus up styling, use.
  6. Plan a first A/B test around contact forms, possibly involving a popup as well.