My Philly Condo – August into September

1. Newsletter.

Even more amazing views on the Delaware River! 

470 – 19%

45 – 10%

Waterfront Square Condos in Focus

675 – 26%

80 – 12%

August 2017 Update

626 – 24%

27 – 4%


590 – 23%

47 – 8.6%

Newsletter progress went well, with specific building focuses standing out and improving clicks on later posts though starting messages with the names seems to preform better.

Results from the newsletters are strong, largely keeping traffic up where search and direct have dipped. Tying newsletters to clicks/messages is a longer term goal but should be looked into.


2. Website.

Traffic is okay but starting to see a seasonal dropoff similar to other years where there are fewer searches and direct hits as we get farther into Fall and Winter. 

For pages we should focus on, we are trying some analytics tricks for more specificity. The 3 Condominiums we should focus on this month are, Old City, Parkway, and Dockside. 

All 3 have both Buy and Rent spaces available. Since Old City is for the neighborhood, we can start the conversation about using neighborhoods to start the search then dive into the particular condominiums. From there, transition to talking about other places around the city.


3. Additional Promotion.

We didn’t post to Facebook much last month, the layout of Facebook is a bit of a pain so we started by just trying to sort that out.

That said, we are looking to do 2-3 posts to Facebook this month.

4. Closing loops.

  1. Newsletter signups are very important to start refreshing the lists. 
  2. Next, we’ll be sending a number of notifications to make sure any messages added from various locations come through.
  3. Starting another loop, we will be provide details on we can best add Instagram into the mix.

We didn’t have enough time to get the  newsletter signups in last month, they are the top priority now, along with continuing the next promotion.

Action items in order of priority:

  1. Add newsletter signups around site.
  2. Start next newsletter. (In progress.)
  3. Walk through IDX and plus up styling.
  4. Schedule additional Facebook posts.  (In progress.)
  5. An A/B test may be helpful, but getting social visits up more is a higher priority now.